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This page is where you'll find go-to resources and nuggets of invaluable information primarily managed by our President Shawn Hallum.


Scroll below to take a look at recent tidbits of information, along with our current COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines for Spa & Wellness Facilities and the video postings of our Navigating Together Series.

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Hi-Spa's Braintrust:
Connect & Collaborate Series

Whether you need guidance on putting your plans together or the added expertise to implement them, Hi-Spa’s next educational series leverages the Hi-Spa Board's collective industry experience through personalized sessions to help you achieve your goals. Click the link below to learn more.

Hi-Spa's Hi-Five Vendor Series:
Five Reasons for Partnership

Welcome to our Hi-Five Vendor Series! This was a live interview series of six videos held via Zoom call to provide engaging, informative, and concise weekly presentations designed to help spa operators understand vendor philosophies.

Hi-Spa's Navigating Together Series,
Post Pandemic - Hi-FIVE Top Questions
Hi-Spa's COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines for Spa & Wellness Facilites