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In 2004, Spa Directors from some of the most well-known facilities across the Hawaiian Islands met in Oahu to form a collaborative organization now known as the Hawaii Spa Association (or Hi-Spa for short). Hi-Spa is a non-profit entity created to elevate awareness of Hawaii’s significant role in the World Leisure and Wellness Market. By using our cooperative efforts like networking, shared ideas, and unparalleled expertise, Hi-Spa has positioned itself the go-to source for our local spa operators, vendors, and educators.

What's Happening

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Hi-Five Vendor Series: Five Reasons for Partnership!

 You can also watch our Navigating Together interview series and see our COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines for current best practices during this pandemic.

While COVID-19 has affected most of our events for this year, we still have events on our page that have yet to be postponed. Check out our events calendar here.

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